The C4DtoA plug-in is distributed as an installer executable. To install it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download C4DtoA from the Arnold Renderer web site.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

    If you see the following error message

    then you have to CTRL + click on the installer, select Open in the context menu and click Open in the appearing dialog.


  3. Keep the default installation options, and click through the Setup Wizard until the setup is completed.

  4. The installer offers the default CINEMA 4D application folder (e.g. /Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R21) to install the plugin to. If you installed your CINEMA 4D to a custom location, you can change the path by clicking on the folder under the Location column.

  5. Click Install to close the Setup Wizard.
  6. Start CINEMA 4D and you should see the Arnold plugin menu in the main menu bar as below:

You should now be able to render with Arnold.


You can move the Arnold plugin menu to its native location under the Plugins/Extensions menu. Go the Edit > Preferences... > Renderer > Arnold and disable the Arnold in main menu bar checkbox:


There is no automatic uninstaller for C4DtoA. But you can safely remove the C4DtoA folder from CINEMA 4D application plugins folder (e.g. /Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R21/plugins/C4DtoA).

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