Applies a MaterialX look. The operator supports native Arnold shaders and the MaterialX standard library.

More information about MaterialX can be found here.



Selection expression. If the operator is connected to a procedural the selections are assumed to be relative to the procedural's namespace.

MaterialX File

The MaterialX source document containing one or more looks. The source document can either be a file or an inline XML string.


Current look variant name that should be used from the MaterialX document.

Assign Materials

Enables/disables material assignments.

Assign Properties

Enables/disables property assignments.

Assign Visibilities

Enables/disables visibility assignments.

Search Path

Defines one or more locations to search for included mtlx files, where a semicolon is used to define separate paths. Environment variables are also supported using the Arnold bracket notation, e.g. [ARNOLD_PATH]. By default, the search path is automatically set to find the Arnold node definitions. The operator also supports setting the default search path using the environment variable 'ARNOLD_MATERIALX_SEARCH_PATH'.




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