The Render Settings section allows control over various render related settings.



Bucket Scanning

Specifies the spatial order in which the image buckets (i.e. threads) will be processed. By default, buckets start in the center of the image and proceed outwards in a spiral pattern. 

Bucket Size

The size of the image buckets. The default size is 64x64 pixels, which is a good compromise; bigger buckets use more memory, while smaller buckets may perform redundant computations and filtering and thus render slower but give initial faster feedback.

Display Bucket Corners

If enabled then buckets currently rendered are highlighted. It's also possible to disable displaying bucket corners only in IPR.

Autodetect Threads

Use an optimal number of render threads based on the number of hardware processing cores.


If autodetect is disabled, this will let you manually set the number of rendering threads. Negative numbers are also allowed. If specifying 0 threads means to use all cores on a machine, then negative numbers can mean use all but that many cores. For example, threads=-2 means use all but two cores, while threads=2 means only use two cores. This is useful when you want to leave one or two cores for other tasks. One example of this is so that the DCC application can be more responsive while Arnold is rendering in the Render View.

Export Scale

Defines the mapping between CINEMA 4D and Arnold length units. For instance, the default 1 meter means that 1 unit in Arnold equals 1 meter. The scene units in CINEMA 4D are defined in Edit > Project Settings... > Project Scale, where the default is 1 cm, therefore a 0.01 scaling is used when translating the scene to Arnold (100 cm -> 1 m). If you work with small objects (e.g. radius of 1 cm), you might need to change the export scale to 1 cm. This parameter affects all length unit values, e.g. vertices, camera and light position, displacement height, bump height, etc.

Changing the Export scale affects lighting in the scene because lights use a quadratic decay and changing the scale modifies the distance (in Arnold units) between light sources and objects. The plugin scales the light intensity automatically according to the selected export scale.

Pepe model by Daniel M. Lara (Pepeland)

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