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This shader modifies the shading normals near edges to give the appearance of a round corner. It can be used with hard surface models where bevels have not been modeled to simulate a round beveled edge, thus saving valuable modeling time. A simple way to use this shader is to connect its output normal to the standard_surface normal or coat_normal. round_corners affects only the meshes to which it has been assigned to. 

  • round_corners may not render properly if your object normals are incorrect.
  • round_corners does not work with single-sided surfaces. This will be fixed in a future release.
  • round_corners does not render through transparent surfaces.
  • Use the normal input of round_corners to chain multiple bump shaders together.
  • round_corners also works with displacement.

round_corners can be used in a wide variety of situations. Rollover images to view without round_corners (applied to all objects).

The Normal AOV (N) can be used to check how round_corners rounds the shading normals.

Rollover image for Normal AOV (N)


Round Corners -> Geometry Normal of Standard Surface. Scene file here.





The number of ray tracing samples used to compute the round normal. Round normal noise can be removed by increasing the number of samples if needed.


The radius of the round edge, technically the radius of the edge fillet. Bigger radii create a wider rounding effect, but might also look worse since the underlying geometry is still flat. Radius works in object space so that when you scale an object, the round corner is also scaled.

image -> radius


Input normal to be rounded, if not linked the underlying surface normal will be used.

Normal map -> bump2d -> Round Corners


Trace Set

The string label defining the set of objects to be traced or avoided. Objects are labeled using the Arnold Parameters Tag property.


When a trace set is exclusive, rays are traced against all geometry except the tagged nodes. When a trace set is inclusive, rays are traced against tagged nodes, but also against nodes that are not tagged at all.

Self Only

Limits round_corners to the object being shaded.

Object Space

Set object scale to false when you want to use a world space radius so that geometries with different transform scales get a uniform world space rounding.


Further examples

round_corners used to represent the meniscus where the rock meets the water surface (left). Round_corners -> toon.normalCamera (right). Rollover images.

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