Beauty AOV / Cryptomatte material AOV


Arnold supports Cryptomatte, an ID matte creation tool created by Jonah Friedman. It creates ID mattes automatically with support for motion blur, transparency, and depth of field. Names, object namespaces, and material names can be used to organize ID mattes in the scene.

The following Cryptomatte AOVs are available under AOVs.

  • crypto_asset creates the same matte for all assets.
  • crypto_material creates a matte based on the assigned shader.
  • crypto_object creates a matte based on the object name.

A simple scene file can be downloaded here.


The Setup cryptomatte command in the Plugins > C4DtoA > Utilities menu adds all necessary shaders, drivers and AOVs to the scene:

  • Creates an EXR driver with the three cryptomatte AOVs (see above) and Merge AOVs turned on. You just have to specify the path of the EXR output in the driver.

The Setup cryptomatte command also available as a python script.

The cryptomatte AOVs can be assigned to an EXR driver only, no preview is available in the Picture Viewer or IPR.

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