Below are the material settings used to accurately shade the glass and water.

Standard Surface - Glass

Set the base_weight to 0 and increase the specular_weight to 1. Change the IOR to that of glass (1.5). Increase the transmission_weight to 1.


Lowering the transmission_weight value attenuates the amount of light that passes through the volume of the glass (distance-based coloring). By default, transmission_color is white, which means no distance-based tint. Try lowering it from full white.

Standard Surface - Water

Repeat the settings used for the glass material. However, make sure that the Index of Refraction is set to that of water 1.33.

Standard Surface - Milky liquid

To create a milky liquid, it helps to add small amounts of sub-surface scattering. Additionally, to make the liquid appear more vibrant, you could experiment by adding a small amount of emission_weight to it.

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