As well as being a sophisticated particle engine, X-Particles can also simulate volumetrics. Rendering smoke and fire via the xpExplosiaFX solver is supported natively by C4DtoA since version 3.3.2 and X-Particles build 4.0.895.

xpDomain is not supported.

Explosia FX

The xpExplosiaFX object is automatically translated to Arnold as a voxel field. You can modify settings by adding an Arnold tag to the object.


If this flag is disabled, then the volume is not rendered in Arnold.

Auto step size

By default, the step size follows the voxel size of the solver. You can define a custom step size by disabling the Auto step size checkbox.


All channels (smoke, fire, temperature, etc.) are exported to Arnold by default. You can select specific channels on the Channels tab to reduce the cost.


Assign a standard_volume shader to the solver and set the density channel to smoke and emission to fire. X-Particles Gaseous Material can be used instead as well. If no material is added, then a default standard_volume shader is used.

X-Particles Gaseous Material limitations:

  • X-Particles Gaseous Material is not supported on the GPU.
  • Settings on the Basic tab are not supported.
  • Only the Henyey-Greenstein smoke illumination model is supported.
  • Cast Shadow and Receive Shadow in the Smoke tab are not supported.
  • Cast Shadow in the Fire tab is not supported.
  • Currently only Bitmap shader is supported as aSmoke or Fire texture (the Arnold render may appear different compared to the Standard Renderer).

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