Arnold Menu

There are useful links and information for HtoA in the Arnold menu.



  • User Guide: opens this HtoA manual in the browser.
  • Common Workflows: opens the Tutorials page in the browser.
  • Developer Guide: opens the Arnoldpedia page of the support site in the browser.
  • Solid Angle: opens the Solid Angle web page in the browser.
  • Mailing Lists: opens the Mailing Lists web page in the browser (requires a login).
  • Knowledge Base: opens the Knowledge Base web page in the browser.
  • Support Blog: opens the Solid Angle support blog page in the browser.
  • Licensing Home: opens the licensing page of the support site in the browser.
  • Update TX Textures: updates all of the TX textures in the scene.
  • Upgrade Deprecated Shaders: converts deprecated alshader shaders to HtoA shaders.
  • Licensing: a simple dialog to troubleshoot and install license files. You can query the license status, save diagnostic information to a file to send to support or copy your host ID to the clipboard to generate a node-locked license.
  • Diagnostics:  tests for version mismatches between the build and runtime Houdini and Arnold versions (a common installation error to troubleshoot).
  • Legal Notice: opens the End User License Agreement.
  • About HtoA: opens the End User License Agreement.


How to check the version number

You can open the About HtoA dialog from the Arnold > About HtoA menu. It displays a dialog showing credits and the version number of HtoA and the Arnold core.



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