There are useful links and information for HtoA in the Arnold menu.



  • User Guide: opens this HtoA manual in the browser.
  • Tutorials: opens the Tutorials page in the browser.
  • Developer Guide: opens the Arnoldpedia page of the support site in the browser.
  • Solid Angle: opens the Arnold renderer web page in the browser.
  • Mailing Lists: opens the Mailing Lists web page in the browser (requires a login).
  • Support Blog: opens the support blog page in the browser.
  • Arnold Answers: opens the Arnold Answers web page in the browser.
  • Licensing Home: opens the licensing page of the support site in the browser.
  • Licensing Manager: opens the licensing manager.
  • Material Export: Export material shader graphs to .ass or .mtlx. 
  • Material Import: Import material shader graphs as .ass or .mtlx. Imports and connects surface, displacement and volume shader graphs and attaches to the OUT_material node in the arnold_vopnet.
  • Update TX Textures: updates all of the TX textures in the scene.
  • Upgrade Deprecated Shaders: converts deprecated alshader shaders to HtoA shaders.
  • Help: There are useful links and information for HtoA in the Arnold -> Help menu.
  • Pre-populate GPU Cache

    This pre-populates the GPU program disk cache. Pre-population is optional, but once done, this allows subsequent GPU renders start faster. The cache is stored on disk, but if the NVIDIA driver is updated, or the GPU hardware configuration changed, the cache may be stale and need to be re-populated.

    Note that pre-populating the cache may take 15 minutes or more to run.


How to check the version number

You can open the About HtoA dialog from the Arnold > About HtoA menu. It displays a dialog showing credits and the version number of HtoA and the Arnold core.

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