The color_correct node allows you to adjust the gamma, hue, saturation, contrast, and exposure of an image. Alters the Input color with the following operator, applied in the same order as the parameters.


Input color to apply the color correction to.

Alpha is Luminance

Ignore the input alpha, setting the output alpha to the luminance of the RGB color.

Alpha Multiply

Multiply the output alpha with a factor.

Alpha Add

Add a value to the output alpha.


Invert the input RGB color.

Invert Alpha

Invert the input alpha.


Applies a gamma correction to the color.

Hue Shift

Rotates the color hue, a value of 1 means a full rotation. 


Scale the saturation by this factor.


Scales values around the Contrast Pivot

Contrast Pivot

The origin of the contrast scaling. The default is 0.18 which is the average perceptual mid-gray.


Multiplies the color using a photo f-stop scale, where an increment of 1 doubles the luminosity.


Multiply the color by this factor.


Adds this value to the color.


Blends between the Input color and the color corrected one.


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