Ear vector displacement map combined with regular displacement noise


This shading workflow demonstrates how to mix a vector displacement (ear) with a regular displacement shader (noise). A regular displacement is a vector displacement along the normal. It is possible to get this normal using the state_vector shader and mix (add) the vectors together. 

You must ensure that you have UVs on your mesh for the displacement effect to work correctly.

The scene file used in this example can be found here.


  • Connect the ear.exr image to the input of the vector_displacement. The Vector Displacement Scale has been increased to 8, the Order is XZY and Invert Y has been enabled.

The Vector Displacement shader settings


  • The normal from the state_vector shader is in World Space by default. It must be converted to Object Space (you must ensure that they are in the same space). The space_transform shader can be used to convert them to the right space.
  • Use a Multiply shader to multiply the noise shader with the space transform/state vector shaders.
  • Use an add shader to add the vector_displacement (which is in Object Space also).
  • Convert the result to vector type with the rgb_to_vector shader.


Final shader network

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