Open Scene fluid_scene_pt1.hip

Add attribute for velocity as color

  • Inside the particle_fluid obj
  • Creat AttributeCreate Node from the particlefluidsurface1 node
  • set the attribute name to velocityPV
  • set the type to color and number of floats to 3


Create Attribute VOP

  • create Attribute VOP node and attach it to the output of the Attribute Create node
  • inside create normalize node and connect  V from geometryvopglobal1 as the input vec
  • set the signature to 3D Vector
  • create Bind Export node and connect the output of the normalize node to the input of the Bind node
  • set Name to velocityPV 
  • change Type to Color(color)
  • check Use This Node to Set Parameter Attributes


The final VOP network should look like



Export as alembic


  • Create ROP Alembic Output
  • plug the output of the Attribute VOP to the input of the alembic ROP
  • set the output name for the alembic

The final network for the alembic output should look like this

  • Render


A follow-up tutorial is available for loading this alembic in Maya and applying the velocity data to get motion blur -> Motion Vector Source




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