You might need to customize a specific Arnold OBJ such as the Procedural or Volume OBJs to fit your pipeline. In this case, you'll need to create and HDA derived form the OBJ. Here's some additional information:

  • Each Arnold OBJ has a hidden string parameter called "ar_translate_as". For example, if it is set to "arnold_procedural", it will translated as a procedural. Note that if you derive from an existing Arnold OBJ, you'll have this parameter already set.
  • When the OBJ is translated, HtoA will try to find parameters prefixed with "ar_" on it to fill the Arnold node parameters, for example "ar_dso", "ar_data", etc.
  • For Procedurals, refer to Passing Parameters to get information on how to send data to a procedural DSO.
  • You can use any SOP network for the display (or even render) target, as HtoA won't translate its contents. Just remember that what you set as the render target will get picked up by Mantra, so it's probably safer to use a Null SOP as a render target.
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