You can create these Shaders in the SHOP. Environment includes Atmosphere nodes and Background nodes.


There are two types of Atmosphere in Arnold, Fog and Atmosphere VolumeFog simulates the effect of light scattering, which causes more distant objects to appear lower in contrast, especially in outdoor environments. Atmosphere Volume simulates light scattered by a thin, uniform atmosphere. It produces shafts of light and volumetric shadows cast from geometric objects. 

It is not possible to render both Fog and Atmosphere Volume in the same scene.


Background nodes include the Sky shader, but a Flat could also be assigned here. 

Adding An Environment to a Scene

To add some atmosphere or background to a scene, first, create a Shader in the SHOP. Double click to enter the VEX Builder and Tab-type (Custom > Fog / Atmosphere Volume / Sky). Connect the output of the atmosphere nodes to the atmosphere parameter of the environment output node and the sky node to the background parameter.

Atmosphere & Background nodes connected to the OUT_environment inside an Arnold Shader Network


In the Main tab of a Render Output, connect the required Shaders to the Environment parameter.



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