This is a bug fix release, notably fixing USD, Alembic and GPU issues.


  1. Get the install files on Solid Angle Downloads.
  2. Follow these installation instructions.


This release uses Arnold, OpenVDB 4.0.0 and Arnold-USD (645cfa28).

Binaries available for the following Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Education production builds:

  • 17.0.506
  • 17.5.460
  • 18.0.348

and for the following platforms:

  • Linux x86_64 (H16: gcc4.8 and H17: gcc6.3)
  • Windows 7 x64 (H16: vc14 and H17: vc14.1)
  • Mac OS X 10.11+ (clang7.3)


Please note that Houdini Apprentice does not support third-party renderers and thus cannot run HtoA.


  • Fix HtoA operator round trip for AssignMaterial (htoa#1381)

  • Fix tbb linkage when using a custom library name prefix (usd#192)
  • Supporting SdfAssetPath on shaders (usd#159)
  • Arnold attributes on USD builtin prims should be namespaced by primvars:arnold: (usd#180)
  • Set _triggers_reload metadata on usd procedural attributes (usd#177)
  • Reversing render context priority in the procedural (usd#156)
  • Implement scene format plugin for USD (usd#152)
  • Writer clears the list of exported attributes for every node (usd#146)
  • AiProceduralViewport doesn't honor procedural_searchpath (core#9229)
  • [Alembic] Normals not read from polymeshes in some archives (core#9216)
  • [Alembic] Visibility overridden for ginstances of Alembic procedural (core#9227)
  • [GPU] A polymesh with step_size>0 and volume_padding>0 crashes (core#9201)
  • [GPU] Multi-GPU partially hangs on scenes with textures (core#9293)
  • Potential crash in node initialization of ginstances with parallel initialization (core#9185)
  • Unable to install licensing components on debian based linux (core#9230)

See also the Arnold release notes for the full list of core enhancements and fixes.


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