This is a bug fix release, using Arnold and Arnold-USD (a8ca0d32). 


  1. Download Arnold for Houdini.
  2. Follow these installation instructions.


Autodesk Network Licensing in Arnold 6 requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.

Compatible Houdini Versions 

Binaries available for the following Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Education production builds:

  • 17.0.506
  • 17.5.460
  • 18.0.566
  • 18.0.597

Please note that Houdini Apprentice does not support third-party renderers and thus cannot run HtoA.


System Requirements


  • OSX 10.11 or later
  • Windows 7 or later, with the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable
  • Linux with at least glibc 2.12 and libstdc++ 3.4.13 (gcc 4.4.7). This is equivalent to RHEL/CentOS 6
  • CPUs need to support the SSE4.1 instruction set
  • Optix™ denoiser requires an NVidia GPU with CUDA™ Compute Capability 5.0 and above
  • Arnold GPU works on Linux and Windows and requires an NVIDIA GPU of the Turing, Volta, Pascal, or Maxwell architecture. We recommend using the 450.57 or higher drivers on Linux and 451.77 or higher on Windows. See Getting Started with Arnold GPU for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • htoa#1502 Add AOV light groups to Solaris lights
  • htoa#1522 Add grid parameter to the Arnold Implicit HDA

  • htoa#1527 Support * in the grids parameter of the Arnold Volume HDA
  • htoa#1528 Add enable_adapative_sampling option to Solaris render settings LOP
  • htoa#1531 Fix global bounding box for arnold procedural

  • htoa#1532 Choose terminal ROP in operator subnet traversal
  • htoa#1536 Add portal mode for dome light LOP

  • htoa#1540 Acceleration blur for the instance object
  • htoa#1541 Allow EXR layers with half precision within same EXR file

  • usd#489 Pass render settings are to the render delegate when using Husk
  • usd#532 Fixing the cylinder light axis


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