The scenes on this page are to be used as a learning guide for the various components that make up Arnold. Some of the scenes are from some of the other tutorials here and therefore you should visit those tutorials for more information about the contents of the scenes. Feel free to explore the scenes and maybe try to re-create some of the renders on these pages.

Note that these scenes are for learning purposes and therefore contain the bare essentials required for learning. You may be required to use your own texture maps for some of the scenes.

Click on the images below to download the scene files.

Room Interior
Model Village
Space Pirate (LPEs)
Hunter Alien

Toy Robot
Car Studio Lighting
Studio Lighting
Forest Scene

Atmosphere Volume
Camera bokeh
Motion Blur

Glass Bowl
Volumetric Shadows

Mesh Light
Cylinder Light
Toon shader
Shader Ball

Hunter alien scene kindly provided by Christophe Desse. Car model kindly provided by Pedro Fernando Gómez.

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