The sky shader is deprecated. You should use the skydome light instead.


One of the simplest ways to light the interior would be to add a Sky to the scene. Hiding the ceiling geometry allows light from the sky to fill the room. Whilst this is a quick and easy way to light the interior, it does not look particularly realistic.

Room lit with a Sky (ceiling removed)


The images below show the effect of adding a white Sky to the scene. The room is being lit solely by the Sky.

There is a lot of noise in the indirectly lit areas of the room. Increasing the (GI) Diffuse Samples resolves the noise, but also adds more to the render times. 


Increasing the GI Diffuse Ray depth allows more light to bounce around the interior. Care must be taken when increasing this value as render times will increase.


  • The scene lacks any directional sun light. Create a distant light and rotate it so that it points downwards towards the floor and the bookcase as in the image below.

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