This tutorial uses a simple scene of a wooden floor to illustrate the benefits of using maketx to preprocess your textures. The tutorial is split up into the following pages:

  • Part 1 - Set Up The Scene
  • Part 2 - Render & Conversion


To get the best from Arnold, it is strongly recommended that you convert images to tiled, MIP-mapped textures. High-resolution unmipped texture maps are very inefficient to render because the highest resolution level must be loaded into memory regardless of the distance rather than a lower resolution level. Likewise, untiled texture maps are also very inefficient because they must be loaded entirely into memory as soon as the renderer needs to access a single texel. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to reduce the render time by less than half.

JPGOn43s4m 10.4s394.9 MB
JPGOff36s1m 47.1s173.5 MB
TX-20s0m 0.6s34.5MB

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