This tutorial will cover how to recreate the above render using a high resolution diffuse, bump and specular map connected to a Standard Surface shader. We will use a Skydome light to create realistic specular reflections in the wood material.

  • Start by downloading the high resolution (6k) wood textures that we will connect to a Standard Surface shader here:
  • Create a polygon plane for the floor and assign a Standard Surface shader to it. 
  • Create a Skydome light and connect an HDR map to its Color attribute.

Standard Surface

  • Connect the diffuse map to the Base Color attribute.
  • Connect the specular map to the Specular Color and Specular Weight attributes.
  • Connect the bump map to the Bump Mapping attribute.

Bump Mapping

Only a very subtle bump depth value is required. 


Create An Arnold ROP

Go to Outputs in the network view and tab-create an Arnold ROP. In Properties > Sampling, set Camera (AA) samples to 4 and Specular Samples to 3

Create A Skydome Light

At object level tab-create an Arnold Light. Under the Light tab change Light Type to Skydome, Exposure to 1 and Samples to 2.


Create A Grid

Create a default grid and double click the node to enter its Geometry level. Add some UVs by connecting a UVProject node. Under the Initialize tab, initialize to best plane. Under the Transformation tab rotate the UVs by 90 in Y.


Create A Camera

Add a camera to the scene by tab-typing or using the yellow viewport drop-down. Place the camera at one edge looking along the length of the grid


Assign An Arnold Shader Network

Go to the SHOP and create an Arnold Shader Network. Inside the vopnet create the network below.


  • Select the Standard Surface shader and under the Base tab set the Roughness to 0.7.
  • Under the Specular tab set Roughness to 1


To linearize the textures set the input to sRGB.


  • In the image node, navigate to the location of the unprocessed textures.


Bump Height can be quite low, around 0.01.


Assign the vopnet by dragging it onto the grid or using the grid's Material tab.


You can download the result of this section below.



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