• The first thing to do is to add some fireworks to the scene. From the Create Particles tab, ctrl+click the Fireworks button.


  • Select the fireworks1 node. Increase the Overall Scale to to make the fireworks larger and also increase the Birth Rate to 10 to create a bigger fireworks display!


  • Press Play on the timeline to see the fireworks particles being emitted in the viewport.


  • For now, create a simple shader for the fireworks. This will be improved later. Go to the shop and tab-create an Arnold Shader Network called fireworks. Inside create a Standard Surface shader and attach it to the color input of the OUT_material.

  •  Assign this network to the particle_fireworks node under the Material tab.


  • Create a camera and frame the fireworks. Go to Outputs and tab-create a default Arnold ROP.
  • Render the scene using your preferred context.


It's black! Nothing is visible because there are no lights in the scene. However, rather than add an Arnold light to the scene it would be better if the fireworks themselves were emitting the light.

  • Go back to the Standard Surface shader and under the Emission tab, increase Emission to 10.


  • Render again.


Now the particles are visible in the render but they are only being rendered as points and have no size. This will be addressed in part 2.

End of Part 1

You can download the result of this section below.




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