If you are starting this tutorial here you will need to download the result of the previous section.



  • Now we have finished lighting and shading we can add some final render touches, starting with adding some depth of field. Select the render camera and add Arnold Camera Properties (Tab > Arnold > Add Attributes, or from the toolbar). In the parameter editor, choose the Arnold tab and then the Depth of Field tab below that. Check Enable Depth of Field to activate the parameters below. Enter the distance the car is from the camera into the Focus Distance. In this scene, the distance to the car hood is 32. Increase the Aperture Size to see the effect. A value of 0.4 is used here.
  • Now it is time to increase the quality settings for the final render. Start by selecting the Skydome Light. In the parameter editor under Light, increase the Samples from 1 to 3. This will increase the number of shadow samples in the scene thereby smoothing out any shadow noise. 


  • There is still noise in the render which can be removed using the Sampling settings in the ROP. Go to outputs and select the arnold1 nodeThe only way to remove Depth of Field noise is to increase the Camera (AA) samples. By default, it is set to 3. This can be increased to 8. As the Camera (AA) Samples is a multiplier for the other samples, their values can be decreased. Base Weight can go to 1, Specular to 2, Transmission to 1 and SSS is not required so it can be 0.


The final rendered image


End of Part 3

That concludes this tutorial. You can read more about image based lighting and the Skydome light and Standard shader in the HtoA User Guide.

The completed scene for this section can be downloaded below.



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