Specify the name of the light to be used here. Rim lighting is affected by the shadow of this light. The supported light types are: distant, point, spot, and photometric.

  • Mesh and skydome lights are not supported since they can create blurred results.
  • Multiple lights are not supported with rim_lighting.


The color of the rim light. Connect a ramp here to get a rim lighting effect. 

Rollover image to view effect of ramp on rim_light_color


If the rim_light_color is, for example, a constant white color, we get the result as in the left image below. If a ramp is connected, this can be used for controlling the overall width of the ramp as in the right image.

Adding colored ramps to rim_light_color can be useful for a wide variety of lighting scenarios. For example, lighting interior scenes, adding rim lighting to a planet, or lighting a character/sculpture.

Color ramp > rim_light_color (point_light). Rollover image.
Directional light. Rollover to view effect of ramp on planet.
Black and white ramp (white position animated).
Rollover image to view rim_light_color (directional light).


This option is implemented so that users do not need to connect a ramp node to use Rim Lighting.


Tints the color of the rim light using the base color of the surface.

rim_light_color: white


Rim Lighting Example

Ramp RGB -> Rim Light Color. Rollover image to see effect of ramp on Rim Lighting.




Bedroom scene courtesy of David Vacek.

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