It is possible to create HDA's at a SHOP level to make materials that could then be given out to other artists. 


The process is similar to the one described for vop level digital assets. That page contains more information, this one is an overview of the required steps

Create a Subnetwork

  • Create an Arnold vopnet containing your desired shader network.


  • At shop level click the Create Subnet... box.

Create Digital Asset

  • Right-click on the material1 subnet -> Create Digital Asset


  • Enter the Name, Label and choose the otl library to save to. Edit Operator Type Properties pops up.


Editing The Digital Asset

In the Basic tab, set Editable Nodes and Dive Target to the arnold vopnet, in this case, called my_chrome.


In Parameters > From Nodes, drag and drop the parameters of the subnet you want to expose in your material asset on the Existing Parameters panel.

Updating the Digital Asset

Right-click on the digital asset > Match Current Definition to update the node with these changes.


To alter the node again, right-click > Allow Editing of Contents.

Changing The Tab-Menu

The asset will now be listed in the tab-menu. By default, it will be under Digital Assets and Materials.


This can be changed by right-clicking on the node > Type Properties. Under the Tools Tab > Context Tab the Tab Submenu Path can be altered.


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