Let's start off by creating the scene where we will make our grass. 

  • Create a grid (Toolbar > Ctrl + Grid).
  • Scale up the grid to 5 and rename it 'ground'.

  • Go to mat and tab-create an Arnold Material Builder.
  • Rename it 'ground'.
  • Drag the material onto the grid to assign it.
  • Enter the Arnold Material Builder and create a standard_surface shader.
  • Connect the shader output to the Surface input of the OUT_material node.
  • Set the base_color to a suitable soil earth brown color.
  • Attach the vopnet to the ground grid.

  • Go back to obj level and tab create an Arnold Light. 

Under the Light tab:

  • Set the exposure to 3.
  • Set the samples to 3.
  • Change the Light Type to Skydome.
  • Change the Color Type to Shader.

  • Click the GoTo arrow next to the Color Shader parameter path box. Tab-create a physical_sky and attach the output to the Color input of the OUT_light.
  • Create an Environment Output, and attach the physical_sky1 to the background of the OUT_environment.
  • Now go to Outputs and tab-create an Arnold ROP.
  • Attach a shader to the Environment slot in the ROP by clicking on the operator chooser and clicking obj > arnold_light1 > shopnet and select arnold_vopnet.

  • Create a camera (rename it to 'RenderCam', and render the scene in the Render View.

Now that we have some ground and lights, we can move onto creating the grass.

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