This shader is considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release. You should use the Standard Surface shader instead.

The skin shader node is provided to give an easy to use generic skin shader. Further examples of customer work using the Skin shader can be found here.

The parameters are presented in several different groups:

The parameters are grouped into several tabs:

A tutorial that covers how to use the Skin shader can be found here.

Skin Layers

As you can see, the shader is broken up into different SSS layers ('Shallow Scatter', 'Mid Scatter' and 'Deep Scatter'), each one with its own scattering radius, color, and weighting factor. There are also two separate specular/reflection layers.


The Skin shader can also be used to create a wide variety of materials such as wax, clay, marble, milk and plastics. Below are some more examples of different materials that can also be achieved with the Skin shader using different presets. Click on the images below to view the Skin settings:

Candle Wax
Cloudy Glass

SSS Between Objects

It is possible to have SSS between multiple pieces of geometry. For this to happen the objects must be in the same SSS Set.

The SSS Set name is defined in the visibility tab of Arnold geometry properties

Giving each object the same set name will remove the dark areas between intersections.

Further Skin shader examples

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