Volume implicit nodes can be used to load OpenVDB files for rendering volumes and implicit surfaces respectively.


Field Channel

Volume channel used as the field to define the implicit surface.


The uniform solver may be used for arbitrary fields. It works by taking small steps through the field to find the surface. This makes it relatively slow, but suitable for arbitrary fields generated by a procedural texture shader for example. When the field is a level set, for example from a level set grid in a VDB file, the levelset solver may be used instead for better performance and quality. Level sets guide the solver towards the surface, to converge quickly with few steps.


The surface is defined where the field value equals the threshold. The surface is defined by the implicit equation:

\[ field(x) = threshold \]


The number of samples used to find intersection points. Increase this value to avoid artifacts such as holes.



VDB volume rendered as Volume Implicit



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