What's new in 0.17

Version 0.17.0 of MtoA is based on version of the Arnold core.

  • This is the first MtoA version with a Windows installer. The installer has the option to install the environment files or not. This option is enabled by default, copying the mtoa.mod file to the user documents folder, where Maya will read on launch. Then, the corresponding variables are appended to the maya.env (ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH, MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH, MAYA_RENDER_DESC_PATH and PATH). Be careful if you have a previous installation of MtoA with variables defined in the maya.env file. In this situation, you should remove them before installing the new MtoA. If the Maya environment files option is disabled, users will have to configure the variables in the usual way until now.

  • Maya Hair Shader implementation.

  • Improved Maya Hair exportation.

  • Added a shadow catcher shader (aiShadowCatcher).

  • Important speed optimizations in the MayaFile used for texture lookups, as well as the opacity layering of the MayaLayeredShader.

  • Added Padding and Zero Value controls per shader in the Maya Displacement shader.

Incompatible changes:

  • Autobump is enabled by default in this version.

  • We added the Bounds Padding, Scalar Zero Value and Autobump attributes from the Arnold displacement properties in the object level to the Maya Displacement shader to facilitate the workflow for the artists (they are still maintained as object attributes for now). Arnold displacement height was not added because the Scale attribute of the Maya displacement shader has the same functionality. With multiple displacement shaders per object, and since an object can only have one value of Bounds Padding, we take the max value from all of them. Autobump poses the same problem as the padding, and we enable it if at least one of the displacement shaders has it enabled.


  • There is a known cosmetic issue in the layout of the Arnold Parameters attached to a Maya Hair (where the separators of the different groups are put at the bottom of the tab).
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