What's new in 0.20

  • Normal Map Support through the native Maya bump2d node. Some extra attributes added to Flip the different channels.
  • Extended the ShadowCatcher shader to support a slot for reflection and shadowColor.
  • Improved threading in the Renderview. See RenderView.mp4  and RenderView_IPR.mp4.
  • Improved the performance of Override Sets and added a textfield to filter the attributes to override with a regular expression.
  • Increased the number of parameters supported by the Render command. See this list.
  • Ability to define custom path for the AEtemplate of custom shaders with the MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH environment variable. It should point to the paths where custom AETemplates are located. MtoA will look for AETemplates in the MtoA \scripts\mtoa\ui\ae folder and in the ones defined in MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH.
  • Auto-instancing of standins whose "Path" attribute points to an .ass file; subsequent standins trying to load the same .ass file will instance the previously loaded geometry, potentially saving tons of both memory and disk I/O.
  • UI added to specify trace_sets on shapes.
  • Support for custom display drivers.


  • There are specific binaries for Maya 2013 Extension because this version is not binary compatible with Maya 2013.
  • ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH and MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH are no longer required, since the plugin itself automatically appends them to the environment variable.
  • Updated the Arnold Shaders Tutorial and MtoA Integration to reflect the changes in the installation procedures.
  • Maya 2011 and 2012 binaries come with Shave and Haircut extension compiled with version 6. Maya 2013 is using Shave and Haircut 7 beta. There is no Shave and Haircut with Maya 2013 Extension.
  • Several layout changes to unify the UI a bit more with SItoA.
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