Release Date

June 7 2013

This version uses the Arnold core.

Highlighted New Features

  • Support for creating and destroying mesh nodes during an IPR session. Check the following video IPR Ear
  • Frontend to handle the creation of Tx textures. See implementation details.
  • Extended the Holdout Matte support to all the builtin shaders.
  • Optimized polymesh storage and faster ray accel.
  • Added a physically-based sky shader. See details.
  • Marble shader implemented.


  • We are not supporting Maya 2011 anymore
  • The Shave and a Haircut extension is compiled against version 7.0v32.
  • The new IPR code to handle destruction and modification of Maya mesh nodes is experimental.
  • MtoA for Mac requires OS X Lion 10.7 or bigger.

Incompatible Changes

  • The look of the maya fluid can change due to the change in ramp evaluation which didn't take into account the density created by the texture.
  • The snow shader has changed in look due to a bug. Now it matches Maya software.
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