Release Date

July 23 2013

This version uses the Arnold core.


  • Support for multiple UV sets (#398).
  • Optimized geometry storage. Certain types of meshes now require less memory thanks to improved mesh compression.
  • Added a photometric light (#1161). See details.
  • Added an Arnold shelf (#1286).
  • Added an option string to pass parameters to Kick with the Export Ass and Kick render type(#1288).


  • Environment variables are now properly expanded for aiImage at translation time.
  • MtoA can now export relative paths for textures. We export them as relative paths using the texture search path and also append the sourceImages folder automatically to this texture search path. That means if you are trying to use relative paths with tokens (they are stored as relative paths, since maya is not able to resolve the relative path to an absolute because of the tokens), they will work fine both with aiImage and Mayafile).
  • MtoA can now export relative paths for procedurals. We export them as relative paths using the procedural search path.
  • The Shave and a Haircut extension is now packaged separately


  • Due to the change in the negative scaling in aiSky and aiSkyDomeLight, old scenes can render different.
  • Improvements to the physical sky could break old scenes using it.
  • Maya fluids look can differ from previous versions due to changes done in how fluid scaling were affecting density and the support of fluid shader content method usage.
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