Release Date

January 08 2014

This version uses the Arnold core.


  • Initial support for XGen.
  • New faster skin shader that simplifies the workflow.
  • Deep EXR support.
  • Added a basic volume collector shader to allow to render volumetric patterns.
  • FluidTexture2DShape node support.
  • Custom EXR metadata.
  • Initial support for Switch Shaders.
  • New interface for handling Background and Atmosphere shaders.
  • Mapping of matte parameters.
  • Curves width parameter can now be mapped using Maya shader networks.
  • Reference objects are exported for curves, this allows for better noise usage in shaders.
  • Installers are provided for Linux and OSX.
  • All installers use the new module syntax available from Maya 2013 and later, making the deployment easier.
  • Rolling shutter effect added in the cameras.
  • Improved Standin Path sequence resolution


  • Improved and unified motion blur interface across all the plugins.
  • Improved reporting of batch render progress.
  • Improved Maya fluid support (static and dynamic color grids).
  • Improved Export to ASS and Kick.
  • Simplified UI (Sampling, Standin, verbosity log levels...).
  • New faster skin shader that simplifies the workflow.


  • skin_sss is considered legacy and will be removed in the future.
  • Motion blur in XGen has not been tested exhaustively.
  • Subcomponent connections to switch shader inputs are not supported.
  • Enable AOV composition is now always enabled. RGB and RGBA AOVs support opacity composition.
  • Mac OS X 10.7


  • Scaling of the Sky. Originally the -1 scaling along the Z was added to get rid of the strange behaviour of the LatLong mapping function while the right fix would have been to add a -1 scaling along the X axis.
  • The old meshlight workflow has been removed, now poly meshes can act as meshlights.
  • Pointcloud SSS has been removed, including all the old parameters. SSS is now computed exclusively with the ray traced SSS engine, which has a single quality control (BSSRDF samples). This leads to warnings when loading old scenes, and possibly a different look and/or performance.
  • The stretched_phong BRDF has been removed.
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