Release Date

March 12 2015

This version uses the Arnold core


  • Render to texture utility
    Convert illumination, shadows, shading, and textures to a single texture file that you can use as a texture map.
  • Export displaced geometry utility
    Export the geometry subdivided and displaced by Arnold to an .obj file.
  • Transmission component added to the hair shader.
  • volume_sample_float and volume_sample_rgb shaders
    Do an explicit lookup from a volume channel and remap its output.
  • Working mattes in volumes.


  • Arnold now supports node-locked licences. A node-locked license (.lic) is automatically used if you put the license file in the same folder as the Arnold binaries (libai.so, ai.dll, or libai.dylib) in the MtoA installation folder. If you put the license file somewhere else, you must set the solidangle_LICENSE environment variable to point to the location of the license file. The solidangle_LICENSE environment variable can include both RLM servers (in the port@host form) and paths (to folders containing license files, or full paths to specific license files). On Linux, use the colon ( : ) to separate multiple entries, and on Windows, use the semi-colon ( ; ).



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