Release Date

June 16, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core



  • Faster cutout texture mapped opacity, with more accurate renders (in previous versions, an object was rendered more transparent when it was further away from the camera). This optimization can introduce noise or flicker on far away geometry, similar to when rendering far away high-resolution geometry. If this happens, it is best to use a high amount of AA samples to reduce flickering in animation. The fast opacity flag is enabled for anything that is connected to an RGB parameter called "opacity", so third-party shaders that have an RGB "opacity" parameter will automatically benefit from this.
  • Multiple scattering for volumes: Indirect light in volumes now supports an arbitrary number of bounces instead of being fixed to one bounce. It is now possible to render volumes such as clouds for which multiple scattering has a large influence on their appearance. The new Volume parameter in the Ray Depth settings sets the number of bounces.
  • Per-light volume contribution: A volume contribution scaling parameter was added to lights, similar to the existing diffuse and specular parameters.
  • Deep volume output support: Volumes are now visible in deep renders (note that older atmosphere shaders and volumetric mattes are not supported yet).
  • Faster UDIMs: UDIMs accessed through the built-in image shader node now internally use texture handles, which helps improve multi-threading performance.


  • The default value of Volume indirect samples has been changed from 0 to 2, which could change the look of old scenes.
  • An indirectDiffuse parameter has been added to the Arnold settings tab of the HairShape. If equal to 0, then no indirect diffuse lighting is computed.
  • The direct_transmission AOV for hair is exposed in the UI.


#2086Error exporting XGen archives containing "|" or ":" in object names
#2088Port Udim fixes to Maya File from Arnold Image node
#2091Unable to keyframe Volume Sample Float and RGB shaders
#2094colorConnectedToAlpha* attributes are not used in MayaLayeredTexture
#2096Illuminate by default broken after light-linking refactoring
#2097Overscan with Render To Texture
#2107Expose direct_transmission AOV for hair
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