Release Date

October 2, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core



  • Reduced OpenVDB memory usage: In the OpenVDB DSO provided, voxel storage is now optimized to reduce memory usage by about 45%. Depending on the scene this may also reduce render time up to 10%. Additionally, slow .vdb file loading from network drives on Windows has been fixed, and we have improved the accounting of OpenVDB memory usage in the stats.
  • Autobump on polymeshes: The autobump feature in displacement shader is now supported on polymeshes with no subdivision. Previously it required subdivision to work.
  • Faster subdivision: Faster exact (limit) normals and tangents, in certain cases, "Smooth Tangents" speedups up to 50%, smoothing speedups up to 25%.
  • Faster AiVCellNoise3/4: The vector cell noise API functions AiVCellNoise3() and AiVCellNoise4(), which are used in e.g. MayaNoise type "billow", are now about 1.6x faster.
  • EXR long names: Attribute and channel names up to 255 chars are now supported in EXR files. Arnold will warn if long names are used since the output files are not compatible with reader applications that use EXR libraries older than 1.7.0.


  • Improved .tx support: Tiled, mip-mapped .tx files are now visible in the Maya viewport as native textures. Only a small version of the texture will be loaded unless configured to load a bigger one.
  • Fixed Bifrost motion blur.
  • Avoid crashes when Shave'n Haircut returns invalid values.








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