Release Date

November 4, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core



  • Russian Roulette: The standard and lambert shaders now use Russian Roulette termination to more efficiently render with high GI depth. For AA samples 5 or higher the increase in noise is typically very small. Indoor scenes with high GI depth will benefit the most, but also scenes with lots of glass and high refraction/reflection depth. In such scenes we have measured between 1.5x and 5x faster renders.
  • Upgraded OIIO to 1.5.20: We have upgraded the OpenImageIO library used for reading texture maps from 1.5.15 to 1.5.20.There have been many changes between these two versions, including many little bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Env var expansion in procedural nodes: The procedural.dso parameter now supports expansion of environment variables delimited by square brackets, similar to the env var expansion in searchpaths in the options node.
  • Render options and stats in EXR metadata: Several global render options, such as sample settings and ray depths, as well as some render stats,are now stored in the image file as EXR metadata.
  • Removed size limit on node and metadata names: Node names, node entry names, and metadata item names no longer have any size limitations.
  • Search paths: The procedural and shader search paths can now use both : and ; characters as separators for multiple paths, on all platforms. Texture search paths already supported this.
  • Report memory for smooth derivs: The memory usage summary for polymeshes now includes a separate line to account for subdiv_smooth_derivs storage.
  • Custom attributes in deep EXR: Just like the regular EXR driver, the deep EXR driver now also supports custom metadata/attributes via the new parameter driver_deepexr.custom_attributes.
  • Volume sample float and rgb shaders are now classified as surface shaders


  • Updates allowing to compile MtoA against Maya 2017
  • Support XGen options "Cull primitives outside view" / "Only Primitives in View". This will also make XGen presets render correctly.
  • Fixed crash when Abort on License Fail is enabled
  • Add support for the new OpenGL Core Profile added in Maya 2016 for VP2.


  • Renamed sss and volume sampling options: The global options volume_indirect_samples and sss_bssrdf_samples have been renamed to GI_volume_samples and GI_sss_samples respectively, for consistency with the other existing sampling options (GI_diffuse_samples etc).
  • Default sss samples: The default value of the newly renamed GI_sss_samples option has been changed from 3 to 2.










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