Release Date

January 19, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core


RenderView Bug Fixes


This bugfix release solves several instabilities in the Arnold RenderView, as well as some update issues during the RenderView's IPR.

  • Several crashes were related to changes with the render resolution, which could also happen when using the new Test Resolution "Fit to Windows Size" option.
  • Instabilities could appear in different situations when closing and re-opening the viewer.
  • Assigning new shaders with the RenderView opened could freeze Maya. It could also prevent the render to update after future changes on this new shader.
  • Switching AOVs could sometimes take a long time to refresh
  • Showing R, G, B or A channels with odd resolution values (721, 503, etc...) made the OpenGL display distorted. Such odd values can happen by resizing the window with "Fit Windows size" test resolution mode.





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