Release Date

March 17, 2016

This version uses the Arnold core



  • Solved random strobes when panning the camera in Maya viewport.
  • Sometimes editing an attribute value wasn't refreshed properly
  • Using IPR with Motion Blur ON could introduce recursive loops and prevent from finishing the render
  • Camera name was disappearing from the Status Bar
  • Fixed crash when no extension was specified on an image being saved
  • Shortcut Ctrl-U to "Update Full Scene"


  • Motion Blur on Yeti fur wasn't exported
  • Export of Maya Instancer was not working properly
  • ShadowCatcher new AOVs now appear in the AOVs list
  • Removed warning about deprecated parameter ''shadow_terminator_fix''


  • Multilayer EXR should properly output INT AOVs when other types are present
  • Fixed hang when repeatedly adding and removing nodes
  • Fixed crash when destroying a scene with cloned quad lights
  • Fixed crash when destroying a procedural used by the procedural cache
  • Fixed crash with volumes when light volume_samples is zero




#2312Changing values with ARV is not always updated correctly
#2315Prevent recursive loops with motion blur in ARV
#2313No motion blur on Yeti hair when you export ASS
#2309Add Shadow Catcher new AOVs to metadata
#2323Remove shadow_terminator_fix from ArnoldOptionsNode
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