Release Date

28 July 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.



  • Introduced new Arnold Material presets
  • Support for Color Management on Image Planes


  • Support IPR updates while using mesh Sculpting Tools
  • Support for curves width changes during IPR sessions
  • Fixed "region" argument in arnoldRenderView command
  • Fixed crash when renaming snapshots in Arnold RenderView (on OSX)
  • Support for MEL callbacks during IPR in Arnold RenderView
  • "Object" and "Barycentric" Debug Shading modes were inverted


  • Fixed the display of standins with VP2 for Maya 2016 Extension2
  • Changing image filename or color space updates the TX files during IPR (if auto-tx ON)
  • Fixed issue in TxManager using "files from folders" mode
  • Write maketx logs in windows and OSX


  • OpenVDB is now the default mode for volumes



#2466Minor revision to About Box
#2493Support Image planes Color Management
#1096override on layer renderer ("Render Using")
#2477Add material presets to MtoA
#2495Standins not displayed in VP2 in Maya 2016.5
#1609When running maketx, output is not displayed on osx and windows
#2333Merge 'Override' with 'Diagnostics' tab in Render Settings window like HtoA
#2373Make OpenVDB the default DSO for Volumes
#2379'Default Arnold Display Driver' text is cut off
#2381[OSX] Maya crashes when you rename a snapshot in the Arnold Render View
#2391ArnoldRenderView command argument "region" is not working properly
#2397MEL callbacks not triggered by Arnold Render View
#2399IPR doesn't update changes to curve width
#2469IPR is not updated with sculpt tools
#2475Invalid string comparison in ArnoldRenderToTexture.cpp
#2497TxManager not working properly with "files from folder"
#2392Remove key icon from Licensing window



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