Release Date

8 February 2017

This version uses the Arnold core.



MtoA 1.4.2 is the version included in Maya 2017 Update 3. It contains several improvements and bugfixes:

Arnold RenderView

  • ARV is now integrated in Maya workspaces (Maya 2017) : its position in the Maya UI is now restored in new sessions.
  • Color Management in the ARV (gamma, exposure, view transform, background, foreground) is now computed in GPU. This makes it interactive to edit, even at high resolutions, and the whole UI is now more efficient (showing snapshots, selecting, etc...)
  • Snapshots folder: it is now possible to set a snapshots folder, in which all snapshots will be saved. This allows you to retrieve the snapshots from previous Maya sessions, or to switch between different sets of snapshots.
  • New Pixel information window: shows detailed values for the pixel below the mouse cursor, on all AOVs.
  • Support Displacement shaders in "Isolate Selected".
  • Fixed viewer size flickering at first opening.
  • Single menu for "Save Images": The color space will be applied (or not), depending on the output image format. Gamma/exposure/background are no longer saved.
  • Improved the text format of the status bar "display pixel information".
  • New icon to show the alpha channel.
  • Support cropped images when loading into ARV.
  • Fixed a crash when a new scene is opened while an AOV was being displayed.
  • OCIO view transform was sometimes not applied.


  • Support IPR updates.
  • Display the list of grids found in the VDB file in the Attribute Editor.
  • Added automatic step size / step_scale in the volume node. It will use the highest resolution in the VDB file.
  • Read the bounds information directly from the VDB file instead of creating a temporary arnold scene, which was time consuming.

MtoA Improvements

  • New set of icons for the Outliner, Node Editor, Arnold Shelves and menus.
  • Type Tool text now renders correctly by default.
  • Support Stereo Cameras in Sequence Rendering.
  • Improvements in VP2 (standins, volume, sky).
  • Local overrides in Render Setup were not active when exporting to .ass.
  • Removed non-necessary attributes from the channel box.
  • Support OCIO context changes.
  • Support namespaces when an .ass file is loaded.
  • Add Arnold shape attributes to Bifrost shapes.
  • Support face-varying user data.
  • Support User Attributes of type Message Array.
  • Default folder for Render To Texture / Bake Geometry is Maya project folder.
  • Instanced Standins were not behaving correctly in IPR


  • Handle namespaces for referenced XGen scenes.
  • Update primitives when the frame is changed.
  • Fixed regression in the opaque attribute.

Curve Collector

  • Fixed the width value so that it matches the width in the native curves (has to be divided by 2 as it's considered as a "radius" in Maya).
  • Fixed Motion Blur that wasn't behaving properly.
  • Intermediate objects (e.g. "original position" of animated curves) are no longer rendered.

New Shaders

  • Thin film renders iridescence effects of a thin coat film.
  • Complex IOR returns the reflectance color for complex IOR fresnel.


  • Fixed wrong camera exported to .ass in case of multiple cameras.
  • Support Render to Texture on .ass files imported from HtoA.

Incompatible Changes

  • AOVs are no longer brought in when referencing scenes.


Type: defect

#2410Handle namespace of referenced xgen scenes
#2422Type tool doesn't render correctly with Arnold
#2596Batch render does not render out an image unless user opens Render Settings first
#2714Arnold Render View does not update XGen primitives when you change frames
#2723ARV goes blank when switching between workspaces (Maya 2017)
#2733newly-created Arnold standin doesn't show up in VP2 when viewable mode is not bounding box
#2783[ARV] Crashes when opening a new file while AOV is being displayed
#2646viewport hotkeys don't work while Arnold Render View is docked
#2670local overrides are active if you Export All to .ass for Arnold
#2795Wrong motion blur with Curve Collector
#1943Light Color temperature canvas representation should respect Maya 2015 color management
#2467aiSky blocks shadows from other lights in Viewport 2.0
#2551Missing draw api support for genericShader using OpenGl in Arnold (AO and aiHair)
#2567Arnold StandIns do not respect Render Layer Visibility in VP2
#2585Arnold AOVs are brought in when referencing or importing scenes
#2700Error reported when rendering MtoA to Render View
#2727Wrong when you export ASS for multiple renderable cameras
#2734Adding Arnold lights via shelf or Arnold menu creates untitled collection in Maya's Render Setup
#2737Tx Manager uses a Maya command only available in 2016 and later
#2751Instances of StandIns have visibility issues in VP2
#2752XGen splines do not honor 'Opaque'
#2753The ARV is too tall by default
#2756[ARV] Update Camera and AOVs list when a new scene is opened
#2763Arnold StandIns instances do not respect Render Layer Visibility in VP2
#2767Wrong Resolution / Aspect Ratio exported to ASS
#2769Can't render to texture scenes exported from HtoA
#2773ARV won't render if it was left open during File > New (user must close & reopen it)
#2784Volumes not updated during IPR
#2785Curve Collector should not contain intermediate objects
#2789ARV size flickers when a new scene is opened


Curve Collector outputs a different curves.radius than an override set

#2807[ARV] OCIO options sometimes ignored

Type: enhancement 

#2264Read the openvdb bounding box using the openvdb api
#2453Arnold attributes appearing below Shape in Channel Box
#2532Support stereo and multicam rendering in Maya
#2537Add support to OCIO Context in MtoA
#2744[ARV] Compute Color Management in GPU
#2033Curves width ramp
#2183User Attribute of type Message Array
#2201Support namespaces when importing ass files
#2299OpenVDB : Add automatic step size and a step scale parameter to volume node
#2351Maya Ramp : move position query and sorting to shader update
#2667Drop down menu to select VDB grids
#2680Allow to restore ARV from maya workspaces
#2685Add Arnold attributes to Bifrost shapes
#2696Improve progress reporting for sequence rendering
#2725Export vertex colors using indexed user data if required
#2726Add Lookdev template for aiImage node in the Hypershade Property Editor
#2728Support new methods required by Maya Instancer
#2729Arnold RenderView and color spaces
#2735Add file browser support to aiImage node name field
#2739[ARV] Add separate icon for alpha
#2740[ARV] Re-introduce option to show buckets
#2743[ARV] Format status bar text
#2746[ARV] Support Displacement in Isolate Selected
#2755[ARV] Take autocrop into account
#2778Integrate new Arnold Icons for Outliner, Shelf and Node Editors (SVG)
#2790Implement thin_film and complex_ior
#2794default Output Folder for MtoA Render Selection to Texture & Bake Selected Geometry should be the current project
#2799[ARV] Pixel information window
#2804Provide selection list to the flush textures command
#2808Remove warning message about render layer / fps




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