Release Date

July 29, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core. 



MtoA is a hotfix release, including the following fixes:

  • Fixed Color Management on Mac for Maya 2015/2016 (syncolor library wasn't found)
  • Fixed important memory leak in Maya native 3D shaders
  • Motion Blur on Xgen was incorrect
  • Removed maximum value of 100 for spot light's lens radius
  • Removed dependency of bifrost_shaders DSO against Maya libraries
  • FOV wasn't exported correctly on OSX for cylindrical / fisheye cameras
  • On OSX, the rpath of mtoa_api.dylib wasn't set properly, thus causing problems for custom extensions which were placed out of MtoA release folders.


#3106incorrect fur motion Blur
#3085bifrost_shaders.dylib depends on Maya libraries
#3028Spot light lens radius has a max of 100.0
#3090FOV not exported correctly on OSX for cylindrical / fisheye cameras
#3094OSX : mtoa_api.dylib install name should use rpath instead of loader_path
#3102Memory leak in Maya 3D shaders
#3105SynColor not found in Mac with Maya 2016
#3113Prevent crashes when a translator creates all its nodes with tags
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