Release Date

February 20, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 



This version includes the following fixes:


MtoA is a hotfix release, containing the following bugfixes :

  • Fixed several crashes and malfunctions in the Arnold Render View.
  • "Solo" shader feature in Material Viewer wasn't working for most of Arnold shaders.
  • Fixed IPR update issue when deforming mesh lights, or editing a mesh displacement.
  • Fixed double transformation applied on particles system which are parented.
  • Fixed error in ParticleSampler shader.
  • Volume visibility on shapes wasn't exported properly.
  • Hiding legacy "padding" attributes from volumes, which were previously ignored.
  • State and Trace Set shaders couldn't be created from Hypershade.
  • OSL binaries were not executable on Mac.
  • Moved the merge AOVs parameter in the common render settings, along with the other EXR parameters.



#3331Maya crash when selecting ARV AOV that has been deleted in Render Settings.
#3247[OSX] oslc and oslinfo are not executable
#3296crash when opening ARV if a snapshot was selected and another scene was opened
#3259AiColorCorrect exposure is clamped to zero in Maya
#3272aiNodes for Solo functionality in Hypershade Material Viewer
#3274ARV does not update when you change Displacement Attributes > Height on a shape
#3277MtoA is not releasing lock on .tx files on disk on File > New.
#3281Double transforms of nParticles
#3283Canceling a render in Render View with Esc throws error [MtoA]
#3294Using ParticleSampler results in a "MtoaUserDataFloat does not exist" error
#3323ARV: Legacy status bar display can disappear from Maya prefs
#3329ARV sometimes appears shrunk
#3333Volume visibility not exported properly
#3334IPR update fail : deforming mesh lights
#3340Hide legacy "padding" attribute in volumes
#3302Expose state shaders
#3317RenderSettings - add merge AOV under EXR options
#3345Expose trace_set
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