Release Date

June 27, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 


MtoA is hotfix release, including the following fixes:

  • Fixed random crashes when switching to Arnold Viewport (AVP)
  • Added support for multiple light AOVs in the Arnold denoiser UI
  • Fixed random crashes with XGen nodes
  • Fixed random freezes in ARV
  • Fixed bug causing ARV to block Maya rig visibility changes
  • OCIO looks were ignored in Maya 2016
  • Ensure shaders referenced by operators are properly exported
  • Frame padding in the Arnold denoiser UI wasn't properly supported
  • Batch render with Render Setup AOV overrides was failing
  • Fixed wrong transforms with Particle instances of Stand-ins


#3479Crashes when switching viewport to Arnold
#3483Rendering in batch with AOV overrides in scene causes error
#3492Arnold Denoiser utility doesn't support multiple light group AOVs
#3432xgen generating invalid curves nodes
#3462Particle Instancer and aiStandin not ignoreing transforms.
#3478Arnold Session prevents Maya from updating visibility
#3489Arnold Denoiser utility doesn't handle frame padding
#3103ARV : Random render freeze
#3471Noise in some scenes with MayaFlatClosure
#3495wrong camera rendered when changing cam in ARV before rendering anything
#3496ARV: OCIO looks ignored in Maya 2016
#3394Automatically export shaders referenced by operators



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