Release Date

September 12, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 


MtoA is a hotfix release. It includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed crash with animated hidden curves
  • Mesh light transformation wasn't updated properly during IPR sessions.
  • Fixed false positive virus detection of Uninstall.exe
  • 0-based Zbrush tiling mode wasn't rendering properly
  • Cell noise time parameter not evaluated properly when animated
  • Fixed the gain parameter in range shader (introduced in MtoA 3.1.0), which was not returning the expected curve.


#3551Mesh Light doesn't Update in ARV + AVP
#3558False positive virus detection for Uninstall.exe
#34130-based (Zbrush) UV Tiles don't render in MtoA 3.0 with new tx conversion
#3543Runtime error because scripts/mtoa/ calls cmd.currentTime() with no flag
#3042transform node left behind when deleting aiAreaLight after creation
#3547ARV: .jpeg or .tiff images can't be loaded
#3548ARV : pixel information doesn't match the cursor tip
#3561Crash with animated curves
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