Release Date

October 21, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 


MtoA 3.1.1 is a feature release, including the following improvements:

Round Corners

A new shader aiRoundCorners allows rendering of rounded edges at shading time, without having to subdivide the geometry.



  • Out-of-the-box support for VDB sequences in aiVolume and image sequences in aiImage
  • Added support for sequences in Render Selection to Texture
  • Added Shader Motion Blur parameter to turn off motion blur on shader parameters
  • Support User Data in Override Sets
  • A new normal_map blending mode was added to the layer_rgba shader. This makes easier to create fine details and is more efficient than connecting multiple bump or normal mapping nodes. 


  • AOVs from references scenes used to be rendered even though they didn't appear in the AOVs list
  • Fix issues with instanced Standins
  • XGen Interactive Groom Splines: visibility wasn't properly supported
  • XGen : Instancing Xgen shapes wasn't supported properly
  • Fixed error when trying to add a new output driver to an AOV



#3606xgen_procedural Instancing Issues
#3429AOVs in scene that is referenced still render but not displayed in Render Settings.
#3563Crash with Color Picker (color editor eyedropper tool) with ARV
#3595Add Frame Offset to gpuCache
#3083Changing Rendering Space in preferences does not trigger ARV mktex until ARV is closed and reopened.
#3280Improve animated VDB workflow
#3512AVP - Arnold Viewport not updating scene on changing Render Layers.
#3518Hypershade Material Viewer in Arnold mode does not un-pause after close ARV
#3541Soloing nodes in hypershade triggers ARV and AVP re-render.
#3582createMeshLight errors with duplicate node names
#3596Arnold attributes appearing below Shape in Channel Box
#1713Standin loads the ass file twice after opening a scene
#2085Maya shader implementations are creating a whole copy of the parameters with ai prefix
#3521Render Settings doesn't dynamically update when a camera's renderable attribute changes
#3528AVP: "Refresh Render" doesn't work
#3550Export lookdevkit shaders as arnold native shaders - Part 1
#3581xgen_procedural: visibility settings not applied when rendering in Maya
#3592Standin instances should be exported as duplicated procedurals
#3600Install CLM components during MtoA installation
#3602Support sequences in Render to Texture
#3604Expose Round Corners
#3608Expose options.ignore_list
#3611Python error when adding a new output driver on an AOV
#3612Adding new output driver to AOV not working
#3619Expose Shaders Motion blur parameter
#1741Read custom user data from override sets when exporting nodes
#3069Support image sequences for aiImage
#3553CNodeParameter::ProcessParameter should support color/vector components
#3587Add node editor templates for Arnold Nodes
#2113Don't export anim curves when motion blur is disabled
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