Release Date

January 15, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 




MtoA is a hotfix release.

It includes several fixes related to Xgen:

  • Global offset wasn't applied on the xgen geometries
  • Improved stabitility in multi-thread
  • Motion range wasn't set properly since 3.1.1


As well as the following bugfixes :

  • User data set on Standins were not working in 3.1.2
  • Fixed major memory leak in the contour filter (which is used by the toon shader)
  • Fixed crash when writing out Render Stats
  • Fixed crashes and memory issues that could happen during TX generation


#3661xgen_procedural not exporting motion_start / motion_end to child objects
#3660xgen not respecting when origin offset is set
#3670[xgen] camera information not being set in batch
#3673User Data not exported anymore on Standins



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