Release Date

April 10, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 


Download MtoA for Maya 2017, Maya 2018 and Maya 2019 here: www.arnoldrenderer.com/arnold/download/


MtoA is a hotfix release, that is binary compatible with 3.1.* versions. It includes the following fixes:


  • Fixed crashes with Arnold RenderView on MacOS
  • Instancer and Mash nodes were freezing the render in MtoA 3.2.0
  • Fixed Ramp gain linked to another shader
  • Maya 2d textures weren't working in volumes
  • Fixed crashes when disabling light nodes in IPR
  • Fixed hangs when using "Isolate Selected" in Arnold RenderView


#3765ARV crashes on Mac
#3750Instancer nodes freeze Maya when ARV updates and renders
#3755Maya Ramp links on colorGain not working
#3763Maya 2d textures not working in volumes



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