Release Date

June 10, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 


Download MtoA for Maya 2017, Maya 2018 and Maya 2019 here:


MtoA is a hotfix release, that is binary compatible with 3.1.* versions. It includes the following fixes :

  • XGen motion blur was incorrect in Maya 2019
  • Fixed crash in the viewport when assigning aiStandardSurface to aiVolume
  • Support linking transmission_depth in aiStandardSurface
  • Fixed regression in wrapU and wrapV parameters of place2dTexture
  • Exposed maya batch render arguments for adaptive sampling
  • Fixed slowdown with many operators


#3821XGen motion blur is different in Maya 2019
#3779crash when assigning aiStandardSurface to aiVolume
#3804Light groups are disabled for sheen AOVs
#3813Crash in aiVolume viewport
#3819MtoA doesn't export shaders connected to transmission depth
#3822Issue with place2dTexture wrap parameter
#3805Add batch render flags for adaptive sampling



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