Release Date

July 31, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 



MtoA 3.3.0 is a feature release that is binary compatible with 3.1.* versions. It has the following improvements :


  • aiClipGeo shader: The new aiClipGeo shader will clip out all geometry against the shapes it has been assigned to. You can limit the objects that are affected with trace sets, and optionally choose a specific shader for the intersection surfaces. Note that self-intersecting geometry or intersecting clipping objects can cause artifacts.

  • Improved progressive and adaptive sampling: Better progressive sampling patterns lead to increased noise convergence rate and faster adaptive sampling termination.
  • AOV read shaders: The new aiRead* shaders let you access built-in AOVs in the AOV shader context or custom AOVs in the regular shading context. They can be useful to reformat built-in AOVs, for example to output normal maps derived from the built-in N AOVs when baking to texture. The following AOV read shaders are available: aiReadInt, aiReadFloat, aiReadRGB, aiReadRGBA
  • Alembic Layering: The aiStandIn node now supports Alembic layering, where extra Alembic files specified via the new layers parameter will override properties on top of the main input file.
  • Improved round corners: round_corners no longer generates nonphysical normals, this prevents excessive darkening near objects' silhouettes.

Incompatible Changes

  • 3rd party procedurals must now set a specific metadata if they are meant to be initialized in parallel, otherwise, they'll now be initialized serially
  • XGen multi-threaded generation is now disabled by default for better stability
  • Trace sets: a trace set is now an optional named set of objects to ray trace against or to exclude. Geometry with no trace set is no longer hit by all inclusive trace sets. The one exception are procedurals, which are always traced against when they have no trace set so that their contents can be considered.

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