Release Date

September 19, 2019

This version uses the Arnold core. 


Download MtoA for Maya 2017, Maya 2018 and Maya 2019 here:


MtoA is a hotfix release, that is binary compatible with 3.1.* versions. It includes the following fixes :

  • Solved crash when shader assignments were overridden in an animated Standin
  • Solved the Qt error messages appearing in the script editor in Maya 2017
  • Gpu Cache wasn't exporting properly the parameters shutter_start, shutter_end
  • Adding an alembic layer in the Standin UI was causing an error

#3930Crash when ARV updates scene if aiStandin loaded in AE and Use File Sequence enabled
#3903Error loading QT library in Maya 2017
#3934Adding first alembic layer produces an error
#3474Mesh Creases lost when Render Division Levels = 0 and Arnold Subdiv Type catclark
#3935StandIn TreeView matches incorrectly to selection expressions
#3939shaders not exported from set_parameter assignments with spaces
#3952shutter_start/end not exported correctly for gpuCache
#3954attribute editor error with duplicate meshes with the same name
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