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This version uses the Arnold core. 




MtoA 4.0.2 is a feature release, that is binary compatible with 4.0.* versions. It includes the following improvements :


New USD Procedural: Arnold now ships with a new USD procedural node, based on USD 19.05. Note that you can find the source code of this procedural and other USD components for Arnold at:


Specific release notes: https://github.com/Autodesk/arnold-usd/releases 

USD support in Stand-In GUI: The MtoA Stand-In GUI supports interacting with USD files through the Stand-In Maya node. All of the features of the Stand-In GUI are fully available for USD files as well. 

Filtering to the Stand-In UI: A new filter has been added to the Stand-In GUI allowing the users to only see objects that match the given search string.

Lens Tilt and Shift Controls: lens_tilt_angle and lens_shift have been added to the perspective camera. Tilt can be used to control lens tilt angles with respect to the projection plane. The vertical and horizontal angles are specified in degrees. This is useful in architectural renderings to compensate for perspective transformation for vertical lines. Shift can be used to shift the lens position. This is useful to recenter the subject after using tilt. The shift is given in normalized screen coordinates: +1 will move the frame center to the right or bottom edge. Note that lens shift will affect the render in a different way than screen_window, notably with distortions or vignetting since one is a lens effect and the other just selects the part of the rendered image that will be output.

Displacement support for MaterialX Shader: The materialX shader now supports MaterialX materials that contain displacement using a newly added outDisplacement plug. 

String Replace Operator: The new string_replace operator matches and replaces parts of string parameters, optionally depending on the OS Arnold is running on

Incompatible Changes

OSX minimum version is now 10.11: We have raised the minimum version required for OSX from 10.9 to 10.11.


#3529Introduce Test Resolution for View-port rendering
#4073Solid Angle is listed as Publisher for MtoA in Windows Control Panel
#4076MtoA installer fails on RHEL/CentOS 6 with default Python 2.6
#4088Selecting object shapes in viewport, AE or outliner triggers ARV and AVP rerender.
#4098Render Sequence crashes when you Output Denoising AOVs
#4138aiSetParameter operator deleted if all assignments are deleted via AE
#1343The Arnold render settings menus are not resized when the window is resized
#3695Expose USD procedural
#3961Add filtering to the Procedural UI
#4045add filter widget to procedural tree view
#4057add string_replace operator
#4070"GPU Settings" in the System panel should be e.g. "Device Settings"
#4078[ARV] Remove any calls to AiEnd from ARV code
#4081Ramp UV offset not properly exported
#4082Add option to export mtlx using AiMaterialxWriteMaterial
#4084Change the classification of atmosphere shaders
#4085add alembic layers to AlembicTransverser
#4089Solve notarization warnings
#4092Add support for displacement in MaterialX Shaders
#4094Add tilt properties to perp_camera
#4095Add lens distortion properties to persp_camera
#4097Upgrade min SDK to 10.11 for Mac builds
#4099ARV: FB and BG Image icons are missing
#4103Test Resolution in ARV seems broken
#4106ARV: Test resolution and Crop don't play well with each other
#4107Osx crash with environment variables set for extensions
#4108make aiStandin UI filter case insensitive
#4114fixes for the StandIn GUI
#4118duplicate aiStandIns disables the assignment buttons
#4119add auto_instancing to aiStandin
#4121Resolve env variables in axf filepath
#4127root objects should be able to assign base shape properties
#4137error when mtoa not installed as a Maya module



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